3 Pro Tips to Burn Body Fat USA

It is true that body cannot work properly without body fat, but excessive amount of fats can affect your body negatively. Sometimes, the fats you intake do not burn off but get accumulated in the body and this accumulation leads to obesity which causes a greater risk of arthritis, heart diseases and many other problems.


In order to burn body fat USA, you have to be aware about your current fat percentage in your body. Body fats must have 15-20% of a man’s total weight, while in women, the body fat should be 20-25% of total weight. Getting the exact knowledge of fat percentage in your body helps in setting achievable and realistic weight loss plans. There are a number of things you have to consider while making a weight loss plan, which include:

  • Cut Carbohydrates from your food

Carbohydrate intake restricts your hard work to burn body fat USA, because carb increases appetite, hence, increases weight. However, if you are wishing to lose weight faster, then start thinking about reducing down cards intake to 50 grams per day. This will help your body to start ketosis process (burning of fats for energy due to insufficient glucose).


  • Drink a gallon of Water

Drinking more water enhances your metabolic process, increases the amount of calories you burn and lessen your appetite. There are some other things associated with water intake to burn body fat USA, which include:

  • Drink water before each meal
  • Ditch the sodas and switch them with water
  • Drink chilled water
  • Drink a gallon of water each day


  • Commit to Sleep

Sleep deprivation can affect the regulation of your hormones which further affects appetite.  So it is important to consider the sleep as a part of overall weight loosing process. An average sleep people must take is around 8-9 hours of solid rest per night.


The most difficult task for overweight people is to burn body fat USA but they need to get aware of the health risks they can suffer from having excessive fats i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer etc. Some pro tips to shed excess fats are taking protein in diet, drinking more water, cutting down carbs from meal and focusing more on routine workout.


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